Brand Design

Whether you’re a startup or multinational, we’ll help you develop or extend a brand positioning and its values set for developing a powerful and distinctive communicative style that is effective in connecting to your audiences.

/Brand Strategy


/Brand Identity

/Brand Design Systems


Social & Digital Mktg

Going online is just the beginning. Antimateria offers complete and innovative Growth Marketing services to maximize lead generation, increase conversion rate, and retain clients by working on an omni-channel approach, reaching out to hearts and minds.

/Social Media Strategy

/Content Creation

/Community Management


/eMail Marketing

/Measurement & Reporting


Shoppers expect to shop anytime/anywhere, to buy every kind of product, to use whichever device or channel suits them at that moment. āntimateria build strong, data-driven, scalable eCommerce solutions with an effective and fluid customer experience, always aligned with the brand's personality, communication strategy, and sales objectives.

/Customer journey mapping

/CX & UI Design

/Development & System Integrations

/New Builds & Migrations


Apps & Websites

We project and craft elegant, responsive websites, mobile apps and digital platforms that speaks your brand’s language and delivers on your goals, based on the most advanced standards to meet every B2B and B2C requirement. From landing pages to Native Mobile Apps, we do it all.

/Corporate Websites

/Brand & Marketing Websites

/Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

/System Integrations

Digital Engagement

Antimateria provides full service implementation of web and mobile contests, advergames, loyalty platforms and promotions, able to generate new value for businesses and consumers.

/Digital Contests

/Branded Advergames

/B2B Trade Incentive Platforms

/B2C Promo & Loyalty Platforms

Wink suite
Construct 3

Mixed Reality

Experiential environments, digital kiosks, holographic signage, Web VR experience, and digital experiences in augmented and virtual reality for smartphones, tablets, and HMD viewers: creating lasting impressions through innovative experiential marketing is just one of the ways Antimateria can elevate your brand.

/Web XR (3D Web VR)

/Mobile AR

/HMD Immersive Virtual Reality

/Augmented Packaging & Advertising

/3D Product Configurator

/3D Holographic Signage

Wink Suite®

Instant Win, Giveaway, Cashback, Rush & Win, Spin & Win, Play & Win and much more... we just released Wink Suite®, the next-generation platform for creating high-impact lead generation and digital engagement campaigns for every B2B and B2C need.

Create the campaign

Choose the most suitable mechanics for your marketing goals and create a complete set-up in just a few clicks, customizing every aspect from form fields, to content, to page design.
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Collect leads

Publish the campaign, collect qualified data in compliance with Italian regulations on prize contests and GDPR.
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Analyze data

Access the complete dashboard to monitor the real-time progress of the campaign, filtering, organizing and exporting all the data you need.
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