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āntimateria is a digital agency designing and building brands, e-commerce solutions and social media engagement.

Over the past few years we've been working with a variety of clients, from small companies to big brands, in Italy and abroad.

Wink Suite®

Instant Win, Giveaway, Cashback, Rush & Win, Spin & Win, Play & Win and much more... we just released Wink Suite®, the next-generation platform for creating high-impact lead generation and digital engagement campaigns for every B2B and B2C need.

Create the campaign

Choose the most suitable mechanics for your marketing goals and create a complete set-up in just a few clicks, customizing every aspect from form fields, to content, to page design.
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Collect leads

Publish the campaign, collect qualified data in compliance with Italian regulations on prize contests and GDPR.
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Analyze data

Access the complete dashboard to monitor the real-time progress of the campaign, filtering, organizing and exporting all the data you need.
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